What is a hiflex? Hiflex is plastic (PVC), white milk, can withstand the rain, good elastic. 
The most commonly used hiflex canvas in Vietnam. You can see signs, light boxes, posters, bannoons, banners all over the street. Not only outdoor advertising, hiflex material is also used effectively even in the home as in fairs, exhibitions, workshops ...
Vietnamese style printing advertising, serving orders depending on the number of customers to print. Warranty colors over 6 months and customers will be satisfied with the quality of our company.
At present, our company is using 5 canvas printers to finish products for customers fastest. With the advantages of cheap price, durable quality, easy re-use, printing on hiflex material is often considered the best method for printing.
Hiflex 0.32
Vietnamese style used canvas with a thickness of 0.32gram. With cheap price and durability of ink, Hiflex 0.32gram is the first choice of customers when ordering. Hiflex is used in the following programs;
1. The light box can be made of tarpaulins
2. Pano Sea
3. Banner
Besides, to serve our customers in the best way, we also accept orders for the order if not the iron frame. Processed as: 4 corner ure, folded edge rod.
Hiflex 0.36 grams
In addition to the average Hiflex canvas, we use a 0.36gram Hiflex canvas, which uses large panels such as panels to hang along the airport.
The Panels have to work together because the largest canvas is 3.2, our company has experience team to complete the perfect Panels.
Besides, in order to save cost for our customers, we have Hiflex 0.36 grams of dats instead of white ones, so customers can use them in every case.